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Andrew Killingsworth
Killingsworth, Andrew
EAST LAB Teacher
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Melanie Cash
Cash, Melanie
Henry AdamsAdams, Henry
Para-Pro ISS
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Tiffaney Atkinson
Atkinson, Tiffaney
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Justin Bramall
Bramall, Justin
An. Science I, II, Ag. Metals, Structures, Ag. Mechanics, Ag. Business Marketing
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David BroseusBroseus, David
Jr. Boys, MS, Sr. Boys
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Tammy BrownBrown, Tammy
Algebra I & II and Pre AP
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Brenda Champlin
Champlin, Brenda
Counselor Secretary
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Joanna Coatney
Coatney, Joanna
Distance Learning
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Monica Colbert
Colbert, Monica
Pre AP Geometry, Statistics
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Brent ComptonCompton, Brent
HS Boys Basketball/Athletics
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Brent ComptonCompton, Brent
Boys Basketball/Athletics
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Annette Cormack
Cormack, Annette
Yearbook Journalism, APEX
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Charlie Crowder
Crowder, Charlie
Pre AP Biology
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Brenda CurrieCurrie, Brenda
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Mike CurrieCurrie, Mike
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Joey CurtisCurtis, Joey
Jr. & Sr. Athletics, PE, Health
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JoBeth Evans
Evans, JoBeth
ESL Communications, Study Skills
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Jennifer Feltmann
Feltmann, Jennifer
Algebra II & Pre Cal Trig
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Sarah Franklin
Franklin, Sarah
Chemistry, Physics
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Sara Girkin
Girkin, Sara
Pre AP English 10
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Elizabeth Hawkins
Hawkins, Elizabeth
Pre AP Physical Science
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Boone Hooker
Hooker, Boone
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Laura Hudgens
Hudgens, Laura
Spech and Drama
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Tad Huff
Huff, Tad
Ag. Survey, Horticulture Greenhouse, Ag. Metals, Ag. Mechanics
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Paige Huffman
Huffman, Paige
Art/Family & Consumer Science
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Maribel Leon-Pinon
Leon-Pinon, Maribel
Para-Pro ESL
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Leah Marshall
Marshall, Leah
Child Dev. Parenting, FCS, Nutrition/Well Food, Food Production
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Beth McCormick
McCormick, Beth
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Delene McCoy
McCoy, Delene
6-12 GT
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Larry McCullough
McCullough, Larry
Environmental Science, PE
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Mary McCullough
McCullough, Mary
Pre AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, AP Biology
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Jacob Meyers
Meyers, Jacob
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Suzanne Miner
Miner, Suzanne
American Hist., AP Human Geography
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Paula Moore
Moore, Paula
Spanish I and II
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Noelia Moreno
Moreno, Noelia
ESL Secretary
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Drew MorrisMorris, Drew
Instru. I, II, III, IV, MS, Music Apprec., Percussion
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Michelle Morton
Morton, Michelle
English Teacher
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MaryAnn Pharis
Pharis, MaryAnn
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Nicole Racic
Racic, Nicole
English SPED
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Ted Richter
Richter, Ted
Para-Pro BASE
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Matthew SayerSayer, Matthew
Pre AP Civics, AP US History, AP Government
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Amanda Scitern
Scitern, Amanda
HS Secretary
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Vicki Shutters
Shutters, Vicki
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Christy Skelton
Skelton, Christy
CBI - Life Skills
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Betty SmithSmith, Betty
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Brenda Snyder
Snyder, Brenda
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Gayla Sparks
Sparks, Gayla
Pre AP World History, AP European
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Amanda Trammell
Trammell, Amanda
HS Business Teacher
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Lynn TrostTrost, Lynn
Custodial Staff
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Frances Utt
Utt, Frances
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Paula Vance
Vance, Paula
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Ina Wheatley
Wheatley, Ina
Chemistry, Physics
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Kristin WhethamWhetham, Kristin
Girls Volleyball, Weight Training Girls
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Kendra Woodlee
Woodlee, Kendra
Ag. Power, Survey, Intro to World Ag. 8th
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Heather Zaloudek
Zaloudek, Heather
Pre AP English 9
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Molly Sroges
Sroges, Molly
Parapro High School
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Rachel Gardner
Gardner, Rachel
HS SPED Teacher
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Chandra High
High, Chandra
High School English
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Ciera Woodruff
Woodruff, Ciera
Senior High Cheerleading Coach
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Links of Interest
2014 Veterans Day Salute
HS Veterans Day Slideshow 2014

HS Teacher, Gayla Sparks, developed a Veterans Salute to honor our local Vets





Alma Mater


Staunch and faithful thou will stand
Through years to come, and never
Shall we fail to give our faith
To thee forever.

The regal purple, sun's fair gold
Un-furls against the sky,
In chorus with all loyal hearts
From happy days gone by.
Our Alma Mater, hail to thee
Forever, Berryville High!